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Labor Day, The National Parks and “Every Kid in a Park”

The National Park Service’s Centennial is being celebrated in 2016, and families with kids in fourth grade for the 2015-2016 school year can get free admission to all parks for a full year.

If you have a child in fourth grade this year, now’s the time to visit one or more national parks. The National Park Service has launched a special initiative for the 100th Anniversary to help engage and attract children and families to our national parks and the great outdoors. It is called Every Kid in a Park. Starting September 1, 2015, all fourth graders in America are entitled to a free Every Kid in a Park Pass, which grants free admission for one’s familyto all U.S. national parks, forests, monuments, and wildlife refuges — that’s 408 different places you could visit in the next 12 months!

Click here for information about how to order an Every Kid in a Park pass.

This pass is a tremendous value, since parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite each charge a $30 entrance fee for visitors with a car. The pass is valid for an entire year, starting September 1, 2015, and lasting through August 31, 2016. It’s the equivalent of the National Park Service America the Beautiful annual pass, which costs $80.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a child in fourth grade, the American the Beautiful annual pass is still an excellent value and I encourage you all to get out and enjoy and celebrate America’s Best Idea.

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