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Timelapse Sunrise over North Arapahoe Peak

I wanted to thank the folks at for lending me their Radian time lapse device — a simple, yet powerful piece of hardware for panning and tilting motion time lapse. It’s a work of art and extremely easy to setup and program right from your phone or tablet. It has more than enough flexibility for any timelapse application — the number of degrees you want to pan or tilt, the number of seconds between shots, delayed start, even queuing up different setups for some very interesting effects. Perhaps most importantly, Radian is extremely light weight and all you have to do is mount it between your tripod and camera, make sure it’s level, upload your settings, sit back and let Radian and your camera do all the work!

Timelapse Sunrise over North Arapahoe Peak, Nederland, Colorado

I took Radian to Grand Canyon National Park and really used it for the first time (although I had made a couple of test runs before I left). I tried to capture the sunrise over the canyon my first morning there…and probably should have made a dry run on location during the day..or if I had the time to do it the second day, I would have gotten better results.
Really, the learning curve is pretty short. By the time I had created my fifth time lapse, I really feel like I had it all figured out. And there are even more features like ramping, I haven’t even had a chance to play with.
As a photographer, one of the most intriguing aspects of time lapse photography is taking something like 600 to 1200 photos over the course of 1 to 2 hours. Taking images every 6 to 10 seconds creates an incredible diversity of shots, and I have acquired some amazing images. I probably would have not have captured many of these images if I had just taken them randomly while watching the sun rise or set or seeing the shadows or clouds moving across a landscape.
Finally, I also wanted to give a shout out to Gunther Wegner and his LRTimelapse software, which integrates with Adobe Lightroom. LRTimelapse allows you to add keyframes to your sequence of shots, adjust them, and then the software makes all of the tweens, can de-flicker the sequence, and helps to make amazing time lapse videos quickly and easily. It’s an awesome piece of software, without which, I might not be able to afford the time it would take to do it all manually.
I’m looking forward to getting my very own Radian (Father’s Day is around the corner), and making more beautiful time lapse videos on my next trip!
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