Typography Poster

National Parks Typography Poster


Title: “National Parks Typography Poster”

Artist: Robert B. Decker

Size: 19″ x 13″

Paper: “Conservation” 100% recycled, domestically produced

Inks: Soy based

All prints are Numbered, Signed & Dated

SKU: typo

Product Description

This National Park Poster features the names of all 59 National Parks — all in the shape of the United States! The name of each park is styled in the classic 1935 National Park font, giving it a bit of a retro look-and-feel. The size of each park name is weighted to the total number of annual visits…so it’s kind of like a tag cloud!

To celebrate the National Park Service Centennial, the poster also features a seal with “100th Anniversary” and “1916-2016”.

To protect your investment in this art print, never display it in direct sunlight. If kept in favorable conditions, and not tampered with or damaged, and with proper archival mounting, your print is expected to retain its original condition without fading or loss of color for 100 years. The sole copyright of the original image is retained by the Artist, Robert B. Decker. Any unauthorized reproduction is a violation of international copyright law.

Robert B. Decker – Limited Edition National Park Posters – www.National-Park-Posters.com

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Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 15 x 3 x 3 in


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